Hello world!

Hi, my name is Tommaso. I’m a game developer and designer living and working in Milan.┬áThis is my blog.┬áHere you can be updated about all my works.

No one plays

No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays. No one plays.
That is what everyone says about Polywar. You are right. No one plays. Why? Probably because the game is awful? No, everyone says it is awensome. So why? This is the reason: our publshers. I can’t call them with this name because they are not publisher. The didn’t advertize our game but they took the 30% of the copies sold. Cause of they, Polywar didn’t reached the right number to create a community to use the empty servers of the game. So Polywar was dead before the first week. A very sad story. An awesome game moved to trash. I can’t stand that. It was the game of my life. I sow it grow. And now… oh, all my sacrifice. I tried to create a new community with new updates but it didn’t work. Very sad moments.

Are you ready for the release?

No, I’m not ready. I released Polywar the first of January. But I probably missed something. I completely forgot that for the pre-alpha version I implemented settings to modify the key preferences and in the release version I removed them but the code remained “Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.customKey)” and in my version worked because saved the settings of the old version but the new players can’t compleatly play the game. A bad start. Furthermore I was on holiday and I didn’t have the PC. Fortunately after 2/3 days I solved this problem but soon I found another problem.

So many money for servers

During the summer of the year 2016 I couldn’t continue the development of Polywar meanwhile I need money to upgrade the servers for the game. I decided to create a new game: So Many Cubes. I finished it in only a week and I published it on Steam. Thanks to it I reached the goal to upgrade the servers. But I didn’t create it only for money: in fact I wanted to play a game like that and I developed it, a strategy game with cubes, very simple but very very funny.

A strange pre-alpha release

It was june. I wanted to release a free version of Polywar to know the response of the community. I published on my website Polywar with a limited number of download (50) and in some minutes all the copy were sold so I decided to remove the limitation but after some days the servers were empty. No one plays. After some weeks I opened Polywar and I saw that more than 20 players were online. I searched on YouTube and I found more than 60 videos about Polywar. I watched one. I saw a link in the description. Someone stole my game and published it on gamejolt. I was very sad. Luckily I contacted the “publisher” and I obtained the ID and I suddenly had the control on the game. But the servers were empty. Also if is was a free version. Probably the publisher of my game didn’t know their job.

Greenlight and Kickstarter

Polywar reached a good point and I decided to put it on the steam greenlight. I used the publisher NewRealityGames to advertise it meanwhile a kickstarter campaign failed. I asked only 500$ for better servers but I didn’t reach the goal, probably cause of my marketing lacks; but Polywar was accepted from the community in 2 days. The game hadn’t a look for the release so I continued the development of it until the summer.

A new multiplayer fps game

I was creating a realistic first person shooter when I realized that nowadays a fps game should be very original and that it was impossible to count on the graphic. So I decided to start a new project: Polywar. For the name I used “poly” that is the middle of lowpoly (the graphic I wanted to use) and “war” that describes the theme of the game. So Polywar! Than the logo, very minimal, simple but recognizable. And now the game. First of all I created the basic mechanics: movements and network. Than some original weapons and animations. After some maps and some customization stuff: viewfinders, red-dot, logos, power ups and characters dresses. Than some weapons maps and a good menu. Now is like complete after 2 years of development (real development time: 13 months per 1 hour a day). My experience with this game helps me to learn more programming stuff in particular I found lots of errors and problems that in the next games I will delete.

Times of exagongames

Pink Onion Games was a awful name so I changed it in to exagongames. First of all I created an awensome logo, than I created a website: very simple, responsive, like a portfolio.
During the summer I created like 6 games for mobile and I published them at the age of 12 on Google Play. After the summer the development of Polywar started again and it took a great look so I decided to publish it on the greenlight and on kickstarter. Unfortunately the campaign fails but the game was greenlighted in just 2 days. This thanks to New Reality Games, a publisher company that I thought was good. But I was wrong.

Looking for a great name

After some months from my first hour with Unity I wanted to create like a videogame company. The first name I used was “Skull Squad”. It is very awful, awful as the game I was developing: a first person shooter with a random graphic with random models and light, and without any interesting feature and gameplay. So I decided to change the name and also the project. Now it was “Green Studio”. The project was “Acrosspace”: a space game for mobile and computer. I finished it some months later but… also this game was ugly. Some weeks later I published my first game: HiTime. It was a very simple fps game with time-changes, but nothing special.
Than I changed the name as “Pink Onion Games”. With it I started the game of my dreams: a fps game, not realistic but very Very VERY original: Polywar! But than came the summer and for like 3 months I couldn’t continue the development of this awensome game. During the autumn, the winter and the spring Polywar was developed very very slow, cause of my programming lacks. With the summer something changes. A new name. A new life.

My youth

I was ten years old. It was sunny. The summer was starting. I and a few friends were dreaming about a first person shooter game that could be like in the reality, dinamic and with all the weapons worldwide.
I decided to create a game like this.
I search on the web “How to create a videogame” and I found some game engines. I downloaded Unity. I was like a kid in a ocean. But I didn’t lose my way. The tech and programming world opened my mind and my heart.
I started with unityscript which is like JavaScript but little by little I found it awful and I decided to learn C# with PUN (Photon Unity Networking).
Now I’m sixteen and I still follow my dream.